• has the following software related to Premiere Pro:
    • Marker Export Plug-In lets you do the following:
      • Export sequence and DVD marker information to an HTML file which you can further manipulate in a word processor or spreadsheet.
      • Export a thumbnail of the frame at each marker.
    • Project File Utility lets you do the following:
      • View and print your Premiere Pro preferences.
      • View and print your keyboard shortcuts
      • Maintain the list of plug-ins that Premiere Pro loads
      • View and print your project settings.
      • Print or export the project panel/window information (Version 2.0 and earlier)
      • Print or export sequence markers. (Version 2.0 and earlier)
    • Timecode Frame Generator lets you create timecode and date and time stamps to composite over your videos. This is not a plug-in, it is a stand-alone program.
    • Title File Creator lets you create create multiple Premiere Pro title files from a single template title file and a text file with the text of the titles. Great for subtitles.

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