I'm not at all clear why you'd use the $2,000 RexRT to replace a $30 OHCI Firewire card ... but in trying you will get yourself in a bit of a mess as regards codecs. The RexRT captures to the Canopus DV codec. This has some advantages (and some disadvantages if you are using PPro) ... but it also means that any rendering to DV will use the Canopus codec, not the Premiere one.
Additionally, there are driver updates for the Canopus card available at the Canopus site ... but my first advice would be to use an OHCI card if you aren't otherwise taking advantage of the RexRT's full features.
I use a RexRT, so I'm positioned to offer suggestions: don't use the RexRT with PPro, stick with v6.5; don't use Canopus reference files; don't use the RexRT if all you want is simple OHCI functionality -- the RexRT is NOT an OHCI card.

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