• See the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Pro 1.x\ReadMe file for important information about exporting to DVD.
  • JerryK said about fitting more than an hour on a single layer DVD:
I don't usually make my DVDs in PPro, but for the purposes of this thread I just went through the process and this is how I did it.

1. I put a 1 hour 57 minute clip on the timeline.
2. With the timeline window selected I chose File/Export/Make DVD
3. Under status was the message Not enough disk space.
4. I clicked settings, and then chose several presets one after another until status showed ready.
5. The preset that finally worked was NTSC DV 4:3 Low quality 3Mb VBR 1 pass.

There may be other presets, combined with adjusting the quality slider, that would also work. I did a first play dvd without a menu template or chapter points. These added goodies will take up some space on the disk and may affect the outcome.
Just to show that the calculator has it's advantages, based on your settings, Jerry:

Instead of 3Mb you could encode with an average of 4.8Mb, improving quality dramatically.

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