• Effects are used to change what you see and hear in your project. Effects do not modify the source clips, just the appearance.
  • For a description of effects see the following sections in the Premiere Pro 2.0 Help:
    • "Applying Effects → About Fixed Effects"
    • "Applying Effects → About Standard Effects"
    • "Effects: Reference → Gallery of Effects"
  • For a comprehensive description and listing of effects see the following in the Premiere Pro 1.x Help:
    • Applying Effects
    • "About Fixed Effects"
    • "About Standard Effects"
    • "Gallery of Effects"
  • Pay particular attention to “fixed” effects which are not listed with the other effects in the Effects Window/Panel.
  • Go to the Effects Window/Panel and type the first few letters of the effect you are looking for and it will be revealed for you.
  • Some effects you may have seen people talk about are only available if you have Adobe After Effects installed on the same computer. See Adobe technical support document 330201.


  • Some effects have been made obsolete. For example, see the thread "Face Blur".
  • According to Premiere Pro CS4 Help, see here.
  • According to Premiere Pro CS3 Help, see here.
  • According to the Premiere Pro 2.0 Help:
You can open, view, and render projects from Adobe Premiere 6.5 and 6.0 that contain effects not included with Adobe Premiere Pro. Newer effects have replaced most of the older effects and contain comparable, if not improved, features. Adobe Premiere Pro retains all discontinued effects for compatibility with older projects; however, you cannot reapply them.
Note: Adobe Premiere Pro does not support Adobe Premiere 5.0 effects and removes these if you open an Adobe Premiere 6.0 project file that contains them.
  • According to the Premiere Pro 1.5 Help:
Note: In Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, the following effects are obsolete: Crystalize, Pinch, Pointilize, Shear, Tiles, Wind, and Zig Zag. Though you can no longer apply these effects in new projects, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 will recognize them in any legacy projects where they are used.

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