Premiere Pro produces an error message including the text "[..\..\Src\EditingModelFactory.cpp-1101]".

Possible SolutionsEdit

- Is this a older project from CS3 or earlier?
- Does the clip you're dragging to the timeline have a speed adjustment applied to it?
- Does the same clip load correctly in the source monitor?

For reference, this error:


means that a clip's filter has been asked to render at a time value that is less than zero, which is an illegal operation.
Hence the above questions...
Error 727 can also be caused by a combination of plugins and the order in which you place them. For instance i used the TWIXTOR plugin in combo with the DE:Noise plugin, both from RE:VISION. After removing the DE:Noise plugin the error was gone. But more interesting was PLACING the DE:NOISE BEFORE the Twixtor plugin in the effects panel.  :) Then also the error gets removed. It's really a specific situation but keep in mind that combined plugins can cause conflicts, especially with nested clips!

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