Premiere Pro produces an error message including the text "API failure".

Possible SolutionsEdit

My preferred output file name had an ampersand "&" in it.
When I replaced the ampersand with another character the problem went away.
I don know and I dint fine out but what I note is is that I was trying to make mpg2dvd in a hard drive that was full..
  • BatBat Found (Oct-27-2005):
I was trying to export to QuickTime. I think it is because i had an 'alternate' configuration set that I was not using, but I also installed iTunes 6.0 and between the two it fixed it.
"API Failure!" is indeed nebulous.

When Adobe Premiere is Exporting to Apple QuickTime, it communicates to the Apple QuickTime framework/codec using QuickTIme's Application Programmers Interface (API). ANY failure of the export will result in the error message API Failure.

That said, here are three more causes and workarounds for the error message:

#1 - If you set the Audio to either 11khz or 22khz. This is an Adobe Acknowledged issue with obbious workaround, pick any other setting.

#2 - If the length of your Video exceeds 6hours 37minutes 40seconds. Video length 6;37;41;00 or more will result in "API Failure!". This is a limitation of either Apple's QuickTime Framework or the QuickTime .mov Format. This issue has nothing to do with the output video size, strictly length of play time. You can quickly recreate this using 1fps and 64pixels by 48 pixels with audio turned off, any bitrate.

#3 - Apple's QuickTime uses Windows TMP enviornment variable to define the location to do it's work before passing it back to Premiere. If that drive gets full during the QuickTime render, you will see API Failure. This one can be tough to track for two reasons: First, QuickTime will gradually fill the drive, but upon failure, do cleanup of all the space it was using. Typically the error message is your trigger to go search for what might have caused the error, but now the cause of the error may not be apperant since the temporary files have been removed. Second, if you have all your Premiere Pro activity on hard drives other than your system drive where TMP is typically assigned, you may not be anticipating the need for space on said drive.

I used the PERL cure

b perl -p -e "s/([-0-9]+?),([0-9]{12,24})/$1.$2/g" damaged.prproj >working.prproj

for the "..\API\Inc\Be/component/Keyframe.h-138" error.

Here is a version of the "PERL-fixer" made in DELPHI, so there is no need to install the PERL pack:

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