Premiere Pro produces an error including the text [\dev\starsky\MediaLayer\Src\Audio\AudioPreviewFile.cpp-301]

Possible SolutionsEdit

  • This has been reported when trying to import video clips several gigabytes in size. No solution was reported other than importing smaller clips.
  • Brendon said:
I had this problem on a 2.3GB AVI file and called Adobe Technical Support about it. They had no idea what to do and only advised me that the file was too big and that I should split the file in half then re-import it. This sounded incorrect as I was able to import much bigger files (9.3GB) into Premiere with no problems so I suspected the size wasn't the issue. One thing I noticed was that the file had no screen resolution information when I looked at the properties of my file in Windows Explorer. I had captured my file from my DV camera using Microsoft Movie Maker a few years ago (before I purchased Premiere) and so I suspected Movie Maker had not encoded some file information that Adobe needs to be present when it imports a file. So I used VirtualDub to open my file then I saved an exact copy of the complete file (with no changes at all). In Windows Explorer I now had the correct screen resolution properties displaying on the file and was able to import the file into Premiere with no error message. I have advised Adobe Technical Support of this solution. In summary the error must have been caused by incomplete file property information in the file header as a result of capturing the file using Microsoft Movie Maker. I have never had this error on any file I've captured using Adobe Premiere. Go to for a tutorial on using VirtualDub to split AVI files, but as I say you don't need to split the file, just save an exact copy of the full file but make sure you set your preferences in VirtualDub as described in the tutorial.

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