When you attempt to capture DV or HDV footage in Adobe Premiere Pro , you receive the following error message, "Can't activate recorder. Try resetting camera."


  • See the following Adobe Technical Support Documents:
  • See the Capture page for more information.
  • In the upper right hand corner there is a settings tab. Click it. When it says capture format "DV" or "HDV" make sure the capture format corresponds correctly to type of footage you are trying to capture.
  • Use the Windows Device Manager to check that the IEEE 1394 device is configured and working properly.
  • If you are not using IEEE 1394 for networking, disable it as a Network device in the Control Panel under Network Connections.
  • Through a process of elimination, try a different device, then a different cable and then a different port. If you have multiple ports then disconnect all other IEEE 1394 devices.
  • This has been reported after installing a codec pack including the “TFM Audio Filter” and the “Morgan Stream Switcher”.
  • It has been reported that disabling the Windows Firewall can resolve this problem.
  • Performing a System Restore to an earlier point where it worked has reportedly solved this problem. See Windows Help and Support for instructions.
  • Brian Charles said:
OK. My problem was that somehow the base DV Video Encoder/Decoder was not registered. Somehow my registry was overwritten and buggered.

The solution, for me, was to download a utility called GSpot ( to identify the un-registered codec.

In my case it was the DV Video Decoder and DV Video Encoder. Figuring out which dll this referred to was problematic but having a colleague run GSpot on his system gave me a clue since it identified the file associated with the codec. In this case qdv.dll.

Then I went to the Start menu and selected Run then typed "regsvr32 qdv.dll".

Immediately Premiere recognized the capture device and problem solved.
With HDV cameras, the typical reason people get this error is because they are A: trying to capture DV in and HDV project, B: trying to capture HDV in a DV project, or C: the menu setting for the ouput (from the device) is set to AUTO. Go into the menu settings for the FX1 and set the output to either HDV or DV, but not AUTO. Also, make sure the that the i.Link Conv is set to OFF. With i.Link set to on, the FX1 will convert the HDV signal to DV for output no matter what the output selection you have set.
try any or all of the following:
1. De-selecting audio previews by selecting the 'settings' tab in the capture window, then hitting 'Edit', 'DV Settings'.
2. Uninstalling fully, then re-installing Premiere Pro 1.5.
3. Backing up all data and re-formatting HD and re-installing OS (time consuming but ultimately worthwhile)
4. Replacing firewire card.

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