Premiere Pro produces an error message including the text [..\..\Src\DirectoryRegistry.cpp-283]

Possible SolutionsEdit

The DirectoryRegistry error is indicating that you're somehow getting an empty directory passed in as a supposedly valid path to Premiere. This is usually the Windows user folder or something along those lines. (Stuff like the Application Data subfolder which is used to stash prefs, etc.)

Jeff has the right line - you need to blast the prefs file. If however that was on your D: drive, check for it there, not just the c:\documents and settings\.... location. Also, you might try to hold the shift key down on launch to force all plugins to reload, although I really doubt that has anything to do with this. I also endorse Jeff's suggestion of trying to move your Windows user folder back to the usual c:\ location, at least temporarily.

See AlsoEdit

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