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Premiere Pro produces the error: "Disk Write Error: Verify drive connection, available disk space and disk access privileges"

Possible SolutionsEdit

I'm just recently ran into this problem. In my situation I removed a external hard drive that was assigned as a scratch disk (for Audio, Video, Preview). I was able to add graphics files to the project, but larger audio files (mp3, wma, etc) would result in the same error.

Petar said:
Another way to do it, which I found, is to make sure you got the right compressor. I transferred a project to my PC from my laptop and it was automatically set to one codec. When I changed the compressor however, it started working. You change the compressor in Project -> Project Settings -> Video Rendering

Tim Confer says: I ran into this problem when I was trying to use Canopus M1 to render a video and was not able to solve the problem

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