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Error:Failed to initialize Vbox

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Preiere Pro produces an error message including the text "Failed to initialize Vbox"

Possible SolutionsEdit

  • Ruud Blauw said:
The "VBox" in this error is probably part of the 30 day trial protection mechanism.
The error could be caused by trying to install the trial without being logged on with Administrator rights.
Other possible causes:
- Network time sychronization/correction software [XNTP, NTP, etc.]
- Defective SCSI or Soundcard drivers that "Disable DMA" or make excessive use of "PCI BusMastering" to transfer data. A common problem on systems with Adaptec SCSI, Creative "SoundBlaster Live!", or "Aureal" based cards.
- Piracy software that attempts to break the "30-day demo" limitations.

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