Premiere Pro produces an error message including the text "Memory Low"

Possible SolutionsEdit

Two suggestions:

1) make sure that under the Preferences options, there's a setting somewhere that says something to the effect of optimize for Performance vs Memory. (By default, it's set to performance). Switch that to memory.

2) Consider using Vista 64. That will allow any 32 bit process to access up to 4 gigs of virtual address space instead of 3 gigs. This should help considerably... plus, you could throw more memory into the machine which would help if you're running multiple concurrent applications (case in point, if you're attempting to use Dynamic Link between AE & PPro).
I found the problem for my system and can now full render the sequence. The maximizing bit depth option under the rendering tab was causing the lockup. I think it is because I am using photography stills along with video and maybe there is something screwy with the color conversion (guessing of course). This could also be the reason why some people are having the problem as they are using stills from digital cameras while others are not. Anyhow it fixed the problem and now I can actually get back to work!

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