Premiere Pro produces an error message including the text "OSErr" and followed by a (usually negative) number.

Possible SolutionsEdit

OSErr, -224Edit

The error code you cite is usually returned when, for one or more of a number of reasons, your system thinks its hard drive is too slow to sustain a transfer to disk.
Things to check:
Are your AV files on a hard drive that is separate from PPro's program files? (It's best if they are).
Has your AV hard drive been de-fragmented lately?
Are your hard drives set for DMA Access? (Check their properties in Windows Device Manager. Change to DMA access if PIO is currently selected).
Is your hard drive "internal"? (External drives, especially USB drives, sometimes fail to sustain an acceptable data stream for DVD burning).

OSErr, 226051Edit

  • It has been reported that updating the DVD burner’s firmware has cleared up this message.

OSErr, 339973Edit

  • This problem is often associated with DVD+R/RW media and TDK-manufactured DVD burners.
  • Wolfgang Stickel reports that upgrading his DVD drive’s firmware resolved this error. However, this has not been effective in all cases.

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