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Premiere Pro produces an error including the text [\dev\starsky\Libraries\ASL\Foundation\Src\PathUtils.cpp-213]

Possible SolutionsEdit

  • Rick (RHHendrickson ) found that his scratch disk settings were pointing to a drive not physically in his computer. Correcting these settings resolved the error. He also suggests checking that all preferences are set to meaningful values.
  • Ids (Zandleven 12:02, 8 May 2008 (UTC)) has Vista and got a similar error text from Premiere Pro while exporting the workarea to DV-AVI: [ .\.\Src\Win\PathUtils.cpp-427 ].
Ids found
A: that the scratch disk settings are 'Same as Project' and point to: \\?\D:\Joop, where D:\Joop is the correct folder. Doesn't know whether \\?\ is irregular.
B: changing the scratch folders (Using Browse, resulting in custom settings) into D:\Joop solves the problem
C: when starting Premiere Pro, pointing in the welcome splach screen to a recent project results in a project with scratch disks starting with \\?\
D: when starting Premiere Pro, pointing in the welcome splash screen to 'Open Project' and then browsing to the same project as under C, results in a project with scratch disks 'Same as Project', but pointing to D:\Joop
E: Windows Installer (= service, version 4.0 under Vista) seems to stop when Premiere Pro encounters this error
  • Videohead found that he has a related error ..\..\Src\PathUtils.cpp-190 error when selecting file-import. Scratch disk settings do not seem to matter.

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