Premiere Pro produces the error message: "Port error. Check that the selected port is available or not in use by another process."

Possible SolutionsEdit

The issue from what I found was that Premiere had apparently decided to somehow "revert" it's capture settings back to Serial mode instead of DV/firewire cable. To fix this....

1. Start Premiere.
2. Go to the Edit > Preferences > Device Control... menu (you may get an error about the port here, just click ok and keep going)
3. Change the "Devices" in the dropdown to DV/HDV Device Control.
4. Click the "Options..." button next to this.
5. Setup any options desired, you can probably leave most at default and click OK.
6. You may want to double check the "Capture" settings in prefrences too.
7. Click ok.

Now go to capture/press F5. At this point things started working as far as seeing the camera, but wouldn't let me record yet. I am doing an HDV Hi-Def record... So... Once the capture window is open...

1. Click on the "Settings" tab of the capture window.
2. Click "Edit..." to change the capture settings.
3. In the "capture" section on the left then on the right side choose the proper format to capture. In my case I had to switch from Adobe HD-SDI to HDV Capture..and all was well.

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