Premiere Pro produces an error message including the text [..\..\Src\AudioRender\StackAudioBuffer.cpp-58]

Possible SolutionsEdit

I believe we've reproduced this issue in house, and have a potential fix (to be released in a future updater, likely to be 3.1.1, roughly available sometime in December).

The trick to the repro case if that it requires overlapping audio transitions to be abutted up against each other between multiple clips. A workaround is to trim the audio transition's duration slightly so that it doesn't line up with the cut between the clips.
It is the audio transitions ! I have the same error and googling some foruns i read some about transitions in a small part of frames. I found in my project some parts with audio transition with 2 secs and i set to 1 or less. the error desapears.

See AlsoEdit

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