Premiere Pro produces an error incuding the text [..\..\Src\Time.cpp-105]

Possible SolutionsEdit

The error refers to constructing a time value with a framerate of zero, which is illegal. Try importing the clip into a fresh project, let me know if it still comes in with the wrong framerate.

Since it's an MPEG, it has to be indexed by Premiere - you could also try to force Premiere to regenerate the index file. If you look under Preferences - Media, there's a path listed for the location of the Media Cache. Either use the 'Clean' button, or (as I prefer to do, just in case) navigate to that directory and blast the contents.
Okay, here is a solution that was suggested by David at cineform:

Premiere can get confused, so when Premiere starts hold down the shift key while the plugins load, this normally fixing random QT issues.

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