Premiere Pro produces an error including the text [\dev\starsky\Backend\Src\Time\Time.cpp-329]

Possible SolutionsEdit

Ok, here's a solution I got from the excellent people at!

Open the project file in notepad or another text editor (I recommend ConTEXT, freeware) and change all values from "0,000" to "0.000", dates from "2006,5,24" to "2006.5.24", etc. The tags where I had to change this information were the following:
But, depending on the effects you've used, there might be other tags as well. Make sure you don't change the commas where there are lists of numbers. For example 0,0,720,576 is probably a list of numbers (meaning 0 and 0 and 720 and 576), and should NOT be changed to 0.0.720.576.

Another note by ThijsR: Changing al the floating point values worked for me, but changing the date didn't! So first try the numbers, if that doesn't work try the dates.

  • anonymous said:
In case not, to demage file with texteditor (accidental erasing, mistyping, etc.) I suggest to change regional parameters in control panel, regional and language options. I changed to English (US), it helped. Just remember that these changes affect all other programs (for example microsoft office, clock appearance)

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