Premiere Pro produces an error including the text [\dev\stingray\Backend\Src\Time\Time.cpp-352]

Possible SolutionsEdit

  • Livio Maynard said:
I encountered this error message after I spent 2 days editing a little short and couldn't find a reason for it. Turned out that the error was caused by the K-Lite Codec Pack I had recently installed in my computer. I simply uninstalled the Pack and the error message was gone.
  • Frank Thomas said:
This error occured after installing ffdshow. When I uninstalled ffdshow everything was fine again.
Just change you regional settings to US and it's ok... Just like in [..\API\Inc\Be/component/Keyframe.h-138] at:

It look like PPro 2.0 doesn't like my portuguese windows... lol

The best fix is to use an english version and download the multilingual pack, this way the native dll will be original ones...

  • Shawn says:
Agreed. I had reformatted my PC, and when I tried to open my previous project, I had this error.

I fixed it by going to Control Panel → Regional Settings Then, changing it to US. I'm not sure if it was on US before or what, but it's working now. Thanks !

  • Jochen Metzger says:
Thank you, Shawn, for the hint with the regional settings, it saved my project (and good humour for the weeks to come)!!

One thing I would recommend, too, is the tool XML-Wrench ( allowing you to edit corrupted XML-Files, which Premiere 2.0 Projects are. Just open the Project File in it and add missing tags manually. It takes a bit of time, probably, but is still better than re-doing the whole work.

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