Premiere Pro produces "error compiling..." application failed to return a video frame"

Possible SolutionsEdit

the same thing happens to me consistently when i'm exporting timelines greater than about 30 minutes: i get "unknown error". the solution that works for me is to delete the .xmpses file that's generated. then the mpeg files import into encore.
i discovered that the error was occurring at exactly the point where one nested sequence contained nothing at all on the timeline - the previous clip was set to fade to black, the next was set to fade in from black, and the intervening small space was simply empty. i added black video to that empty spot, and this error went away.
I found my solution. I had to Delete out all of my Preview Files, rerender and try again.
  • boneless29 said:
For me, the solution was to change the scratch disk from one hard drive to another. I have no idea why, but it worked!

See AlsoEdit

I tried all the suggestions listed above plus putting the opacity keyframes and it worked.

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