Premiere Pro produces an error message including the text "Update Error (-5011)"

Possible SolutionsEdit

After poking around in a Google search for Error (-5011), the consensus is that it's a rare InstallShield error for which a fix has not yet been found. Macrovision, creators of InstallShield, says only that documentation of the error will be "forthcoming".

But Error Codes can be tricky. There's no guarantee that an error code description found in a Knowledgebase applies to your specific problem even though the number is the same. On the other hand, since you are having install/uninstall problems and the preponderance of -5011 errors on the Web point to this particular InstallShield issue, it's likely that InstallShield is at least partly to blame.

In the absence of a documented fix you can try any (or a few) of the following:
0) Make sure you have WinXP SP2 installed!
1) Call Adobe Customer Support, describe your problem, tell them you think it's an InstallShield problem. This may ring bells. Intuit, for example, is aware of the problem and provides a fix for its Quicken products (which apparently doesn't work but at least they're aware).
2) Uninstall 1.0 and 1.5 using the "repair" and then the "uninstall" options on the original product discs.
3) Roll back WinXP to a point before you tried the 1.5.1 install. Then try uninstalling 1.0 and 1.5.
4) Boot your computer in Safe Mode and try to uninstall 1.0 and 1.5.
5) Boot clean and try the uninstalls.

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