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FAQ:How do I change the project settings?

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  • You can’t change project settings from within Premiere Pro CS3 and earlier. Create a new project with the desired settings and import the old project file into the new project. This is by design.
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You can at least change the resolution, but it involves a bit of hacking.

First, save your project and close it. Then, find the pproj file in the directory you saved it in. Make a copy of the project file (as this method is not well tested), and open the original in wordpad. Now, select Edit -> Replace... In the Find What field, type the old resolution, preceded with a comma, and in Replace with, put in the new resolution, again preceded with a comma.

For example, to change the project from 360x240 to 720x480:

Find what: ,360,240
Replace with: ,720,480

Save, and open the project. You should get something looking like this:

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