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FAQ:How do I get quality slow motion with interlaced footage?

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  • Use time remapping in Premiere Pro CS3 and later.
  • See the RE:Vision_Effects page for their popular Twixtor plugin.
  • Jackson Tr(…) said:
You must adjust every clip as there is no global setting:
1) disable Frame Blending
2) enable Always Deinterlace in the clip's Field Options
Have you tried to right-click on your 250fps file in the project bin (before you bring it to the timeline), then select <Interpret Footage...>, and then confirm to for example 30 fps. Now pull your file to the timeline.
  • Prior to Premiere Pro CS3 you can use Adobe After Effects and enable Frame Blending and Pixel Motion. The Layer > Time Stretch and Effect > Time Remapping algorithms in AE are far superior to those in Premiere Pro, but the downside is they take much longer to render.

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