• Due to licensing costs the free trial version of Premiere Pro does not import or export any form of MPEG.
  • Not all file formats are intended to be editable. If you are not a professional editor, if you do not understand the intricasies of the different video codecs, then your best bet is to use Premiere Elements, which is designed to work with consumer video better than is Premiere Pro.
  • If you are a professional and do understand video codecs, then do yourself a favor and avoid a lot of headaches and wasted time by converting your files to DV AVI or uncompressed AVI before importing them into Premiere Pro for editing.
  • This includes DivX, DVR-MS, MJPEG, MOD, MPEG, TOD, WMV and Xvid.
  • If you really must work with MPEG format files, see the MPEG page.
  • If you really must work with video imported from USB camcorders and still cameras, see the MJPEG page.
  • If you really must work with TOD files, see this page.

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