Here is the answer I got right from Smartsound:
You will first need to verify the version numbers for Quicktracks for Premiere Pro.
1. Open Premiere Pro (the one in which Quicktracks is accessible)
2. From the menu choose "File > New > SmartSound"
3. From the menu on the initial SmartSound screen, choose "Tools > Options".
4. Select the "About" tab.
5. On the About window, there are two version numbers. The first is labeled "SmartSound Quicktracks for Premiere Pro Version" and the second "SmartSound Quicktracks SDK version". The current versions are as follows:
Quicktracks for Premiere Pro - 3.0.2
Quicktracks SDK -
If you do not have these versions, you will need to download and install the updates. These updates are available here:

Once the updates are in place, you will need to copy the file named "ImporterQuicktracks.prm" from the Premiere Pro/Plug-ins/en_us folder and place the copy of that file into the Premiere Pro 2.0/Plug-ins/en_us folder. Once the file is there, open Premiere Pro 2 and click File>New>SmartSound.

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