I was given a PAL miniDV tape to edit.
I put it in my sony TRV900 camcorder and it plays on the built-in LCD just fine.
However, I could not capture any frames in premiere pro via firewire.

After a few experiments, I found the problem.

The camcorder outputs an NTSC blank screen while the tape is stopped. If I call up the premiere capture dialog, it apparently detects the NTSC signal

and gets confused (the project is PAL).

The solution is to play the tape, then call up the capture dialog. Then stop the tape, rewind to beginning, and start capture.

Can the capture dialog be modified to avoid this problem (e.g. don't detect NTSC/PAL until starting to capture) or at least issue an error message so the user doesn't have to guess what went wrong?

I imagine similar problem occurs when trying to capture NTSC tape on a PAL camcorder.

This was on premiere pro 1.5.

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