There are some squirrely rules when dealing with keyframes in the Timeline that you'll need to remember and follow. First, if you've got the track view set to show track volume or track keyframes, you can't move the clip. Hide the keyframes before you attempt to move the clip. If you've got keyframes hidden, you can move the clip, but you can't move the keyframes.

The supposed reason that you can move a clip when the track keyframes are exposed is to keep you from screwing it up. As Steven said, track keyframes are generally adjusted when the project is nearly completed and you want to use the mixer to raise or lower volume in a particular spot. If you set track keyframes, then move the clip, the track keyframes will be in the wrong spot and not do what you put them in to do.

  • Daniel said:
It can also happen if clips (even other than the one you're trying to move) are touching the end boundary in a sequence that has hit the 24 hour limit.

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