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FAQ:Why do my re-batch-captured clips have different timecode?

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I have tested three ways to be safe if any hard drive fails and found out that one way is not 100% - Batch capture in a Matrox Project.
I have tried:
1. Recapture with Matrox Media Tools - Perfect result
2. Recapture in a Standard DV Project - Perfect result
3. Recapture in a Matrox Project - A couple of frames off
Batch capturing in a Matrox Project is a couple of frames off, not 3 seconds though. I logged the clip and batch captured it and did some edits. Then i rendered out that project and imported the resulting avi into PPro and placed it on the time line. Then i closed PPro and deleted the original avi and launched PPro and batch captured the same tape again and the avi was not 100% frame accurate.
Now, with two edits on the time line the audio and video should be exactly the same but they are not. In this 4 minute project the difference is 2 frames.

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