• There are many possible reasons. Here are some things to try to get around the problem:
    • Delete your preferences file before starting Premiere Pro.
    • Hold the SHIFT key down while starting Premiere Pro.
    • Avoid excessively high clip resolutions that can cause your graphics card to falter.
    • Be sure your graphics card is set to use 32bit color.
    • See also Troubleshooting
  • steve vallino said:
My problem was solved by un installing "Macdrive" from my PC.
There was a corruption in the preferences file. Now Premiere has a few files on your system including layouts which is under My docs/adobe/premiere
When I deleted the new layouts, all worked well.
So, if you set up new layouts and things get weird, try removing these files in the mydocs directory
My problem was the workingset.prsl file in the Styles folder under the MyDocuments tree per Andrew's post above.
Thx again for posting your solution as it made me look in the Styles folder.
Wow, same complete lock-up problem, the above fix worked for me as well - I deleted the entire Adobe folder in 'My Documents' which Premiere recreates automatically. Thanks.

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