The problem is likely with the default sound device or the sound card and its drivers. Premiere Pro requires that your sound card support either ASIO or DirectSound. If you your sound card is DirectSound (not ASIO), navigate to the control panel for Sound and Audio Devices. Select the Audio tab and make sure that the default device for Sound Playback and for Sound Recording is set to your sound card. PPro HATES virtual audio devices like Replay Music and Total Recorder. If the default device is set to a virtual device like one of these, you'll hang, crash, get an error, or get all 3 when you launch.

If it turns out to NOT to be a virtual audio device, it could also be an emulated audio driver (which is also like a virtual device). Updating the driver for the sound card sould fix that. Here's a link to the most recent Adobe tech doc on the problem (looks like they need to update it for PPro 2.0)

I still bet this is an audio device problem, but just to hedge my bet, I did a web search on reverb6.dll. I'm finding lots of posts referencing having bad codecs installed and hanging on reverb6.dll.

Install any codec packs lately?

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