I live in Sweden and use a keyboard with a swedish layout. In Win XP i can choose if my input is from a keyboard with swedish layout or from a keyboard with another layout, such as UK-layout.

The shortcut in Win XP to switch between those settings are Alt+Shift on my system. So each time i Alt+Shift selected a clip on the Timeline in PPro Win XP switched those settings and thus my keyboard shortcuts stopped to work properly. If i pressed Alt+Shift in PPro everything was back to normal again.

So, i turned off the feature to switch the input settings in Win XP.
  • The following keyboard shortcuts are documented incorrectly in the Adobe Premiere Pro help system:
    • You can no longer navigate to the beginning or end of a selected clip in the Timeline panel. The closest you can come is to use the Page Up or Page Down key, which will take you to the next edit in any selected track. If you miss the Home/End clip shortcuts, please let Adobe know by filling out a feature request. To navigate to the beginning or end of a sequence in the Timeline panel, use the Home or End key.
    • To display the Trim Monitor panel, use the shortcut Ctrl+T.
    • Keyboard shortcuts for closing source clips in the Source Monitor are not available in Premiere Pro 2.0.

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