• If you burn an NTSC DV project to DVD using the MPEG audio format, audio is not exported (MPEG audio is not supported by the NTSC DVD specification). By default, the DVD export presets available in Adobe Premiere Pro for NTSC DV use the PCM audio format. It is recommended that you use the default presets when exporting an NTSC DV project to DVD.
  • You need to select “DVD” in your multiplex setting to get audio and video in a single file, otherwise you get two separate files.
Please also remember the benefits of separate video and audio files if one shall make a DVD.

1. The audio file is not good enough, do corrections and export only the audio and import that into the DVD authoring program (no need to wait for the mpeg 2 video export again).

2. Two (or more) versions of languages (or music) in one DVD.

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