I did some QT exports with H.264 codec in AME CS4 {Win} with Set Bitrate ON and then set the (video) bitrate at 1000kbps, 2000kbps, 3000kbps. The encoded files had Data Rate of 2.54 mbits/sec, 3.56 mbits/sec and 4.55 mbits/sec respectively. I also see better quality at higher bitrates.
Here is the workaround I found:
1) In Premiere Pro CS4, Export-Media to get in Media Encoder and set to your QuickTime Format and then go down to Video tab to set h.264 codec. Scroll down to the bitrate settings and check set bitrate, you'll see it defaults 1000kb. Change it to something higher, like 15,000. Then hit OK button.
2) When AME opens up, you'll see your job in the queue. Click on your job on the Preset column where it says "Custom". This will load up a new window with the encoder settings again. Go down to Bitrate Settings again in that window and notice the bit rate has been reset to 1000kb. This is the problem (bug in AME.) If you change it here on this page, and hit OK, and then your bitrate settings will hold true in AME. Start the job queue and verify the generated .mov quality is as desired.
  • Wil Renczes gives the following warning about H.264 and AVI:
Your snapshot shows that you're trying to create an AVI with H.264 encoding, which is asking for trouble in Premiere. Keep in mind that an AVI is strictly a wrapper, just like QuickTime - it can contain a bunch of different formats. However, even though this SUPER utility will let you encode H.264 into an AVI, that doesn't make it a good idea.

Premiere definitely does NOT handle editing H.264 encoded AVIs natively. Check that dropdown setting in your number 2) column at the top of your SUPER software, see if it has an option to compress to standard DV.

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