• Click on the “Edit” menu and select “Keyboard Customization” for a complete list.
  • See a list in PDF format.



  • There is important information in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Pro x.x\ReadMe file.
  • If the Keyboard Customization menu crashes Premiere Pro then you may have corrupt fonts installed in Windows. Jeff Bellune said:
Troubleshooting fonts:
1. Copy or Print this list of standard Windows fonts.
2. Move the rest of your fonts (that aren't on that list) into a temporary folder.
3. Try accessing the Keyboard Shortcuts command from inside of Premiere.
4. Does it work?
a. Yes - go to step 5.
b. No - reinstall Windows - at least one system font is probably corrupt.
5. Add half of the remaining relocated fonts back to the fonts folder by using Start>Run>Control Panel>Fonts>File>Install New Font...
6. Try Keyboard Shortcuts again.
7. Does it work?
a. Yes - repeat from step 5.
b. No - there is at least one bad/corrupt font in the group you just added. Continue to isolate the fonts by halves.
8. Once you've isolated the "bad" font(s), make sure to reinstall all of the relocated fonts except for the bad one(s).

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