Check this site out for converting mod files:
I have been using JVC MOD files for about 2 years now. Instead of just renaming them .mpg files I convert them using streamclip ( - free) into .avi files then you save time on the rendering once you import. The new version of streamclip has batch conversion.
  • anonymous said:
Right there are 2 ways to do this that I know of.....having helped out a friend over a preiod of months trying to find the best way to use jvc everio hdd camera .mod files on premiere pro CS3. For the second technique you will need another package maybe encore (though other adobe packages might work)
You can use squared5 free streamclip software but this caused problems...masses of massive files, faults in files that only surface when transcoding the final movie to dvd and if using XP64 (which has awfull error handling) premiere tends to crash a lot.
"Patch" Premiere
Ok well it is not quite a patch but here the way I am hoping that this does not go against the EULA, confirmation from Adobe would be appreciated I guess by JVC Everio users.
To run .mod files on Premiere Pro you need to patch it so as it will read AC3 audio with mpeg2 files.
Open C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Encore CS3 copy the ad2ac3dec.dll file
Paste the file ad2ac3dec.dll into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
You have now made premiere pro work with AC3 audio.
You can use this sdcopy program to convert the .mod files to mpeg2;topic=280.0;id=153
In SDcopy :
Select the source folder that contains the mod files( this could be the hdd on the camera if you like)
Choose the destination folder
Make sure that the widescreen box is ticked if you are dealing with widescreen files and click run!!
Now Run premiere and you should be able to import and edit the new files that you have just created(they might have odd names but they will work!) Just remember where you set the sdcopy to save them.
  • Vidioterie said:

FINALLY I found the solution for Mac users, and it's just as easy as the Windows solution offered above, assuming you have Adobe Encore DVD installed as well. I worked with the CS3 version, but I think it'll work equally well with CS2 or CS4. Here it goes:

  1. in Finder, navigate to Applications -> Adobe Encore (CS3)
  2. ctrl-click on the Adobe Encore CS3 program file in this folder
  3. click 'Show Package Contents'. a second Finder window opens.
  4. navigate to Contents -> Frameworks
  5. select and copy (cmd-C) the folder 'mcac3dec.framework'
  6. close this Finder window
  7. in the first FInder window, now navigate to Applications -> Adobe Premiere Pro (CS3)
  8. ctrl-click on the Adobe Premiere Pro (CS3) program file in this folder
  9. click 'Show Package Contents'. again a second Finder window opens
  10. navigate to Contents -> Frameworks
  11. paste (cmd-V) the copied folder into the Frameworks folder
  12. check if it's there. it should be listed in between 'mcaacaenc.framework' and 'mcdvd_32.framework'
  13. That's all! From now on, all you'll have to do is rename your .MOD files to .MPG and you'll be able to work with them directly in Premiere without ANY converting! Yay! :-D

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