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  • See the MainConcept Web site for product details.
  • They have released a software update for Premiere Pro. You will also find downloadable encoder presets on the update page.
  • The “MPEG Pro” plug-in is popular for editing MPEG clips in the Premiere Pro timeline. It reportedly also supports capturing from the non-standard Sony MicroMV format devices. There are known issues with the Panasonic DX-100, but a patch is available from MainConcept. Mark Bailey reports that this plug-in also supports HDV capture and editing. Note that this plug-in does not currently support exporting sequence markers as chapter points!
  • MainConcept also developed a standalone MPEG encoder and DV and MJPEG codec solutions.
  • If you use MainConcept products, you will find plenty of company in their Support Area Forum.
  • Mark Bailey often posts directly in the Premiere Pro User to User Forums.

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