• See the Matrox Web site for products and software/driver updates.
  • The Matrox user forums are best for asking Matrox related questions.
  • You currently cannot record voiceovers with a Matrox card. See their forums for the reasons.
  • Marcus Koch reported that he could not select the “Work Area” selection from a dropdown list box because it did not appear as an option. However he discovered that although he could not see the option in the list, if he used the up/down arrow keys on his keyboard he could choose different options. He is a Matrox user. See the thread Conversion error: Export range "Work Area bar" missing.
  • It has been reported that if you export a Matrox AVI file you will not get chapter marks.
  • If still images unexpectedly change size during transitions, dan elliot says:
In testing and by recommendation from matrox, converting to Targa solved the problem all together.
I run the RT.X2 on Vista Ultimate 64 with Vista SP1 and it runs fine. It was a clean install and I had to install several times to get it exactly right, but it runs well now. My recipe that finally worked.
1. Clean install Vista and updates.
2. install Premiere 4.0.1
3. install Premiere 4.1
4. install 3rd party plugins- Red Giant, New Blue, Neat VIdeo (ones I have)
5. Then install Matrox 4.0
6. Then install Matrox 4.1 update

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