• You will find several helpful tutorials in the multi-camera category.
  • Premiere Pro 2.0 and later have a multiple camera feature. See the Help for details.
  • It is possible to do this in Premiere Pro 1.x; it is simply a matter of workflow. See the following threads.
  • You can also buy something like the Multicam plug-in.

Problem: No SoundEdit

Although I don't know the cause, I kept playing with it and found a fix for this problem. If you lose the sound after making multiple camera edits do this... Go to "Edit>Preferences>General" and near the bottom is a checkbox for "Render audio when rendering video". Check this box. It is not selected by default. After doing this, render your timeline/sequence by hitting the enter key. The sound will now return at the point where it disappeared and you will be able to continue making camera edits. After doing this, I was able to finish my multicamera edit with sound.
Make sure that you have an audio track targeted. The multicam window only plays back the audio that is targeted in the timeline. If no track is targeted, or an empty track is targeted, then you get no audio playback.
I was having problems with the audio disappearing form the multi-camera window playback. The problem was when I lock the audio track on the timeline it becomes dark or unselected. If I Undo or unlock it it remains unselected. This does not affect the timeline playback audio but it prevents the multicam playback audio. All you have to do is click on the audio track title in the timeline window to re select it. Same happens for the video except it makes the multicam play button grayed out.

Multicamera only uses the audio from the mainvideo/-audio source (Audio 1). When you select another video and there is no sound available in Audio 1 at that part of the timeline, you won't hear audio.

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