Interface problemsEdit

  • Users of Windows Vista have reported fixing interface problems by turning off the "aero" feature. This can be achieved by one of the following:
  • If the interface moves unexpectedly when you move the mouse then have a look at Microsoft → IntelliPoint.
  • Missing “numbered stills” checkbox has been reported by some multi-monitor users. Dragging the window to the primary monitor and minimzing then restoring the Premiere Pro window usually brings it back.
The checkbox is indeed there... just invisible.
1.) Open the "import" dialog.
2.) Select (click) the first still image in the list so it's highlighted.
3.) Press TAB 5 times.
4.) Press the spacebar to toggle the invisible checkbox.
5.) Click "Open" or press ENTER.
  • The capture window can have problems in multi-monitor configurations with some graphics cards. You may be forced to use the primary monitor.
  • If you renamed the Adobe Premiere Pro executable to avoid the Windows XP SP2 problems, be sure to rename the “manifest” file in the same folder. The exe and manifest files work together for the user interface in Windows XP.
  • Marcus Koch reported a dropdown-listbox anomaly. See the Matrox page for details.
  • Missing “numbered stills” checkbox has been reported by some Matrox users. See these threads.
  • Renaming the Premiere Pro executable file caused some people a problem. If you did this then rename it back.
  • If your Effect Controls Window/Panel has a corrupt vertical scrollbar, try the following:
1. Make effects a separate window (drag from program window if layered there).
2. Enlarge the effects window to a longer size and save your program as it is.
3. Close the program and reopen it.
  • Under Vista it has been reported that changing the Windows font or DPI settings can cause strange behavior in the timeline.

Sluggish behavior / Unresponsive interfaceEdit

I was having big issues with nested sequences becoming very unresponsive when I would go back to edit the original sequence.

So I tried turning off the little eyeballs to the video tracks in the nested sequence and WOW! It worked. I could edit in my original sequence with no problem. In the past I would have to delete my nest in order to make edits in the original. Now I do not have to do that any more.
I wanted to share another subclip trick to those suffering from the "long master clip / subclip problem". If you mark an in and out on your long master clip, then hold down CTRL and drag the source monitor into your bin, it make a virtual subclip with your in and out marked in the clip, which you can rename. This doesn't double your media... it just works, try it!

See AlsoEdit

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