• andyurtu said re: trim not working in the Project Manager:
UPDATE I am now able to trim the project that kept crashing. I isolated it to a font missing in a title. Down in the lower right corner of the status bar is the adobe event viewer. It gave me the clue. I was also having problems with Titler crashing. Once I reinstalled the font, and reinstalled premiere Pro 2.0, I have had no crashes since I posted March 11th.
The Matrox file format interferes with the project trimming function.
I wonder what the gap should be for the two elements to end up in different clips? Only one way to find out.
So I did a little experiment and found that if the trimming gap is a least 15 frames and you do not ask for handles you end up with separate clips. If you ask for handles then you need a gap of at least 75 frames: again an effective gap of 15 frames. So I retry with gaps of 10, 5 and 1 frames with no handle. Separate clips in all cases. So I tried with a cut but no gap. I got only 1 clip.

So the conclusion: if you have an effective gap of at least 1 frame you will get separate clips.

I am a well seasoned veteran of the Project manager and it is like trying to walk around a room with the lights off.

The BIGGEST problem with it is that ADOBE don't give informative error messages; it just gives up when it has a problem with a clip. What clip? It would help telling us wouldn't it?

So here is what you have to do if the project manager aborts the process.

1. save the project as a temp name (so as your original is still intact)
2. delete one half of the sequence
3. click 'project>remove unused'
4. click project manager and try it.
5a. if it trims OK then the original problem is in the half that you deleted. go to step 6.
5b. If it does NOT trim ala same problem cut the sequence in half again and go back to step 3
6. click undo twice to get the original sequence back and delete the other half of the timeline and do steps 3 and 4. It should confirm that the problem is indeed within that area.
7. Now its just a matter of deleting halves until you narrow it down to a few clips so then you keep doing it until you have just one clip that causes the problem.
8. After determining what clip is causing the problem open the original project and delete the offender and hopefully the project will trim sucessfully.

Just be aware that you may have multiple offenders in the sequence which means it will take longer to resolve.

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