• To get the trial version, see the “Download free trial” link on the Product Page.
    • This 30-day tryout provides a preview of the application's features such as color correction; multiple, nestable timelines; advanced audio editing tools; and much more.
    • The full version delivers even greater functionality including native HDV editing, export to DVD and MPEG-2, broadcast-friendly fonts and title templates, and image stabilization tools.
  • Read the trial FAQ carefully.
  • Due to licensing costs the free trial version does not import or export any form of MPEG.
  • Note also that:
    • Adobe does not provide technical support for tryout versions of its software.
    • The trial version can be installed and used for thirty days only once per computer.
    • The trial version must be completely uninstalled prior to installing the full version.
  • Check with Adobe about their thirty-day money-back guarantee on full versions you buy from them.
  • The trial version is occassionally referred to as the "tryout version" or "demo version".


  • anonymous said about CS3:
The application is currently running in trial mode. While running in trial mode, some features are disabled. These features will be activated when you buy a full version of the software.

The following features are disabled while running in trial mode:

HDV editing

MPEG-2 import and export

H.264 import and export

In addition, Adobe Encore CS3 is included with the retail version of Premiere Pro CS3. Encore CS3 provides professional authoring for DVD, Blu-ray and Flash distribution and is not available as a trial version.
The dialog that comes up in the PPro 2 trial (that says, you have XX days left) has a hyperlink to "About Adobe Premiere Pro". If you click that, it displays a readme-type text file with the limitiations of the tryout, requirements, etc.

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