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Tutorial:Coloring a washed-out sky

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In this week's podcast, Host Jeff Schell tackles a question direct from the DMN Premiere Pro forum, "How do you create a gradient background?" Jeff shows you a simple method for replacing a washed-out or white sky with a subtle blue gradient. Jeff walks you through the steps of applying the Ramp video effect, and discusses some of the Ramp effect options.

Next, Jeff explains how to use the Calculations effect to achieve Photoshop-like Blending modes. In particular, Jeff uses the Multiply blending mode to change the white sky to a soft, blue hue. Although this is not the sort of task that Premiere Pro is best suited for--it can be done with ease in After Effects--Jeff details step by step how to recreate this if you have a budget of zero dollars and if Premiere Pro CS3 is the only tool available to you.

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